I made an Addon Widget for the podPress plugin

I like having my podCasts in the sidebar but I don’t like the play-list widget that comes with podPress. So I made this Widget that lists all my podCasts as links to the pop-out player. I plan on adding more features when I have more time but this is it for now.

5 thoughts on “I made an Addon Widget for the podPress plugin

  1. I would love to see a version of this plugin for PowerPress. Let me know if you need tips or help if you decide to make a version for PowerPress.

    • I don’t have time right now but I appreciate your request. I would like to look into PowerPress a bit more and maybe even try it out in place of podPress on my blog. Then, if it look like it would work for me, I would be happy to update my Plugin to work with PowerPress.

  2. man I love this plugin, but can’t get it to work with safari… the popup never pops up. Been inspecting the code and comparing to PodPress link but can’t solve. hmmmm

  3. Update ^^ I had to deselect “Use HTML 5 tags” in the podPress > Player Settings for the Pod Press plugin, and it works on all browsers now… what do you make of this?

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