New plugin – EZ Google Analytics

This plugin includes your Google Analytics tracking code on your pages and posts.

Download it here:

Shortcode Support Added to SQL Reports

I added a shortcode to my SQL Reports Plugin so you can put a report you’ve created into a Page or Post. Just use the shortcode “SQLREPORT” with the attribute “name” being the name or your desired report. Like this:
[SQLREPORT name="My Report" style="border: 2px solid #CCCCCC; padding: 6px;" /]

The below example is a Report that I make to see the effect that Google’s SSL Search has been having on my Keyword Data. I broke it down by Locale so that I could see the differences between the use of as compared to the other country codes.

Monetize your blog with my WordCents adSense Widget

This is a simple widget that makes it easy to monetize your site with Google adSense.

Google announced that signed-in users will, by default, be routed to the SSL version of Google Search

In October of 2011 Google announced that signed-in users will, by default, be routed to the SSL version of Google Search (

What is the impact of this change for webmasters?
A web site accessed through organic search results on (non-SSL) can see both that the user came from and their search query.
However, for organic search results on Google’s SSL search, a web site will only know that the user came from

This is bad news for anyone who wants to know what keywords were used to find their site on Goggle.

Over two thirds (69%) of my Google Analytics Keywords now show up as “(not provided)”. This completely cripples my ability to tell how people are finding my site.

Here is a good video I found on SEOmoz that goes into more details and explains how it works:


Inline Google Spreadsheet Viewer

I found this cool plugin called Inline Google Spreadsheet Viewer By Mr. Meitar Moscovitz that lets you insert a Google Doc Spreadsheet into a Post or Page. The really cool part is that you can update the Google Doc and the page automatically reflects your changes. Here is an example spreadsheet. (I did have to add some custom CSS to get the cell borders to show up in this theme)

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