New Scan Process for Large Filesystems in BETA Release – Anti-Malware Plugin

I have written a new scan engine to address the problem of hanging on large scans. This new process leverages dynamic JavaScript includes to break the scan job into smaller pieces that your server can handle more easily. For most people with the hanging scan problem this new version works great but I have seen one site with over 100,000 files where the heavy JavaScript caused the client’s browser to crash. So, this update is not for everyone. This plugin now has over 10,000 downloads and I don’t want to release a questionable update on so many people. I will continue to work on it for a future release but it will only be available upon request until I have it working better. If your scans are hanging up before reaching 100% then contact me and I’ll get you the BETA.

Keeping this plugin cutting-edge with new features and up-to-date with the latest definitions for removing new threats is a lot of work. Please make a donation to support my continued development and enhancement of this plugin.

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I need your help! – Anti-Malware plugin for WordPress

Well, this Plugin has been out for three months now and has been downloaded over 7,200 times. I’ve received loads of great comments and email about how well it has done removing real threats from people’s servers. However, some people have had trouble getting it to do a large scan on servers without much memory. I have tried many different way of around this but there seems to be no easy way around this problem on some servers.

So, I have decided to take a different approach. I have started rewriting the scan engine and breaking down the scanning process into multiple executions of smaller processes. This will make for a more accurate progress bar, allow for better error handling, and run more efficiently on servers without much memory. So far I have stayed clear of charging out right for this plugin but, to be perfectly honest, I need to start getting more financial support for all the work I am putting into this project. I don’t want to turn anyone who need help away because of their inability to pay. However, I have a family to support and this project doesn’t pay the bills (but I believe it can). If everyone who has registered donated $12 dollars then I could devote myself to this project full-time and everyone will benefit from better protection for their site. I know some of you cannot do this but others can donate even more. Think of how much this plugin is worth to you and donate accordingly.

I will be contacting all of you who have registered, asking for your support, over the next month or so. I feel certain we can make this project a success without blocking access to those who don’t have the means to pay. I’ve already gotten a fair few donations from ecstatic voluntary donors. One such donor I’d like to mention is Graeme Morris of who not only gave a generous donation but also designed my new Gravatar/Logo. He said: “Your plugin really saved my site, I really want you to develop it more.”

Thank you all for your generous support!

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Brain Teaser

I found this on the Internet somewhere (can’t remember where) and loved it. Me, being a left brain thinker, it got me good, so I just had to post it for others to see.

I found it very hard to move quickly through the list and not say the words that I couldn’t help but read. In one case one case I actually said the word instead of the color. Very funny!
Please comment on your experience.

Remove hibernate from the log-off menu in Ubuntu

I have had little success getting the hibernate feature to work on any Laptop running Ubuntu. I currently use a Dell XPS with 6 Gigs of RAM and don’t even find it practical to hibernate due to the waste on hard drive space and the time it takes to go down and come back up. With a good battery it is much easier to suspend. I don’t even like having the hibernate option on the menu for fear of an accidental click. So I finally got around to figuring out how to get it off the menu and I thought I would pass it on for anyone wanting to do the same.

All you need to do to remove hibernate from the menu is to change allow_active to no under the org.freedesktop.upower.hibernate section of the file /usr/share/polkit-1/actions/org.freedesktop.upower.policy. To do this open a terminal and type:
sudo gedit /usr/share/polkit-1/actions/org.freedesktop.upower.policy
Find the line below the org.freedesktop.upower.hibernate section that says:


and change it to:


Save the file and restart the indicator-session service with the following command:
killall indicator-session-service

Your done!

Sign to make sure SOPA 2.0 never gets written

I signed this petition on and still thought “What else can I do?”. So I created a widget for WordPress to put on my blog so that visitor to my site could sign the petition too. Now you can join the fight against SOPA by signing this internet petition right here on my site (at the bottom of the page). Plus, if you have a WordPress site, you too can install this petition widget from

Help me spread the word and crush internet censorship legislation in America!

Shortcode Support Added to SQL Reports

I added a shortcode to my SQL Reports Plugin so you can put a report you’ve created into a Page or Post. Just use the shortcode “SQLREPORT” with the attribute “name” being the name or your desired report. Like this:
[SQLREPORT name="My Report" style="border: 2px solid #CCCCCC; padding: 6px;" /]

The below example is a Report that I make to see the effect that Google’s SSL Search has been having on my Keyword Data. I broke it down by Locale so that I could see the differences between the use of as compared to the other country codes.

The disastrous effect of social inequality on health and social stability

Richard Wilkinson, Professor Emeritus of Social Epidemiology at the University of Nottingham, presented huge amounts of evidence in his book The Spirit Level (co-authored with Kate Pickett) about the disastrous effect of social inequality on health and social stability. This video of his TED Talk gives a summary of some of that research.