Defend Internet Privacy

Internet freedom needs a global network behind it. has launched The Internet Defense League. Now you can defend the net by broadcasting action messages on your own sites using this widget. You can also tell the world that you are a member of the league by displaying one of the IDL badges hosted by

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Changed “Stop SOPA Widget” to “Defend Privacy Widget”

I changed this Widget to help spread the word and stop CISPA, the internet government surveillance system, before it becomes US law. This new form has your Senators’ phone numbers and an email form to let them know how you feel about this issue.

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Sign to make sure SOPA 2.0 never gets written

I signed this petition on and still thought “What else can I do?”. So I created a widget for WordPress to put on my blog so that visitor to my site could sign the petition too. Now you can join the fight against SOPA by signing this internet petition right here on my site (at the bottom of the page). Plus, if you have a WordPress site, you too can install this petition widget from

Help me spread the word and crush internet censorship legislation in America!

Defend Internet Privacy Widget – WordPress plugin |