Sign to make sure SOPA 2.0 never gets written

I signed this petition on and still thought “What else can I do?”. So I created a widget for WordPress to put on my blog so that visitor to my site could sign the petition too. Now you can join the fight against SOPA by signing this internet petition right here on my site (at the bottom of the page). Plus, if you have a WordPress site, you too can install this petition widget from

Help me spread the word and crush internet censorship legislation in America!

Defend Internet Privacy Widget – WordPress plugin |

2 thoughts on “Sign to make sure SOPA 2.0 never gets written

  1. Hey brother, SOPA 2.0 was signed already — google CISPA

    SOPA was the smoke screen to pass CISPA

    Also, back in October Obama signed a bill worse than SOPA with the United Nations already “legalizing” the laws we supposedly fought. That’s why the media reported on it and not everything else. Get the public chasing around the white rabbit

    • I made this petition widget to help meat their goal of 151,000 signature. They only got 88,000 but it seamed to be enough to shutdown that bill. There are always other bills and that go through and get passed anyway. I have even heard of international treaties that get passed without even going through congress.

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