I added a whole new SHAREABLE Widget to my old TERRIBL Plugin. Now it’s even easier to share a link to your site. Check out my Shareable Link at the top of the left sidebar.

This new SHAREABLE Widget features customizable styles and easy-to-copy link code that others can put on there site. It also tracks Impressions and Click Through stats just like the the old TERRIBL Widget.

Check it out and lit me know how you like it. I’m always open to new ideas.

Aloha, Eli

5 thoughts on “TERRIBL is now SHAREABLE

  1. I have been experiencing issues with my blog for over a week now. I have spent hours trying to figure out why suddenly I can’t add photos to posts and why some of my other plugins were not working. I just deactivated your plug-in and all my issues/problems are now fixed. I am not a techie so I can’t tell you more than this. But, the problems started when I dowloaded your update just over a week ago approx. I have never had a problem with your plug-in prior to the update. Just wanted to let you know. Thanks you, Susan

    • Thanks for catching that. It turns out that WordPress doesn’t like it when I manually set POST variables. I changed the code to use SESSION variables instead and it seems to be working. You can now download the new fixed version from WordPress.org if you want to give it another try. Thanks for baring with me during this plugin’s transition from TERRIBL to SHAREABLE ;-)

    • Thanks for sending me your WP Admin login. I was able to find and fix the problem for you.

      I am working on a plugin update and I will make sure to include this bug fixed in this next release.

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