Fixed lots of bugs in my TERRIBL Widget

Oooops…  So maybe I released this first version too quickly. There were quite a few bugs in my TERRIBL Widget that resulted in the links being empty (I guess it really was a Terrible Widget ;-). I just released version that fixes all these bugs but not before 30 people downloaded the broken one (I hope they upgrade to the fixed version).

Please leave a comment on this blog if you have any feedback or suggestions. I am now working on a built-in Feedback form which I hope to release in later revisions of all my plugins.

3 thoughts on “Fixed lots of bugs in my TERRIBL Widget

  1. Opoops again! I left some debug code actively outputting an error on the Widget so I had to quickly release another revision with that code rem’d out. Will this plugin ever transcend it’s name?

  2. Great plugin however it seems to be crippling my site, I’ve noticed it makes calls to your site (in the admin area anyway) and your site’s going very slow too so not sure if it’s because of the call and it’s waiting for your server to respond,, or if the plugin is affecting your site in the same way :(

    when it was working however it was far from TERRIBL ;)

    • Thanks for your feedback! You win the grand prize for being the first person to comment on my blog (other than me). And what prize have you won? You get to download and use the update version of my “far from TERRIBL ;)” (thanks!) plugin.
      I had noticed my site slowing down too but I assumed it was just do to all the traffic I’ve been getting since releasing these plugins. Thanks to your comment I discovered that it was actually do to the get_header call I was making in the Admin Menu. I have now replaced this section of code, that was intended to automatically update the images (if any were new), with just a strait link to the dynamic image source. I have also made a few other hand improvement which I will talk about in my next post.

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