How I created my own level for Luola

My kids and I like to play this game on Ubuntu called Luola, but it only comes with 5 or 6 levels. After we had gotten board with those first few levels included I started looking around for some more level and found out that it really is that hard to create your own level from scratch. So, after a little searching and reading trough the limited documentation I created a few experimental levels. Ayrica and Quin even created some levels of their own. This is still a work in progress but here are the level I have created so far:

This level maps out the 16 colors you can use to create a Luola map
My first real level using all the colors in a Hawaii Like theme

Download my Luola levelpack here.

You just have to put these extracted files in your luola/levels directory. On my Ubuntu system the path to the levels folder is `/usr/share/games/luola/levels/`.