Clean Energy solution by Dan Tracy

This is a great project from my friend Dan that we all need to support.

The world needs more clean energy but for many people, the cost is too high. Building on the successes of conventional wind power technology, Pacific Sky Power has developed affordable wind turbines that can be used at many different locations. If you don’t have a good spot for installation, we also have towers. These systems are good starter kits for learning about this technology.

Wind turbines convert kinetic energy from the wind into mechanical energy which spins a generator to produce clean electricity. Our wind turbine is rated at 15 watts which can be used for charging 12 volt batteries. They’re great for camping, on boats and science projects. The 30 and 45 watt wind turbine systems include multiple turbines on a specialized tower.

Technical Specifications

Startup wind speed:   8 mph

Survival wind speed:   40 mph

Rotor type:   Horizontal axis

Number of blades:   2

Blade material:   GWS plastic

Rotor diameter:   15″

Generator type:   Brushed 30 volt DC motor

Battery charging:   12 volt DC

Operable rpm:   200 to 1800 rpm

Weight:   1 lb

Power cable length:   10 ft

Output:   15 watts

Over speed protection:   Yes