New features added to my Related Posts plugin now downloaded over 4,000 times!

Download my latest version ( and you can customize the placement of the Menu Item. Plus, I’ve made the Tag and Category headings in the Tree View widget link to that Tag or Category. With over 4,000 downloads I’m finally starting to get some good feedback too. Keep it coming!

9 thoughts on “New features added to my Related Posts plugin now downloaded over 4,000 times!

    • Around line 270 there is a foreach loop:
      if ($all_tags)
      foreach ($all_tags as $tag)
      $tags[''.$tag->term_id] = $tag->name;

      You could add a condition inside that loop that would exclude you unwanted Category. If you unwanted Category was “Hidden Posts” then your code would look something like this:
      if ($all_tags)
      foreach ($all_tags as $tag)
      if ($tag->name != "Hidden Posts")
      $tags[''.$tag->term_id] = $tag->name;

  1. Hello!
    Today i update your plugin to the new version, and now i have this error: “Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/nivam/ on line 457”

    if i turn off your plugin, no errors…

    • Thanks for letting me know!
      I just released version with a fix for the Warning: “Invalid argument supplied for foreach” on line 457.
      Mahalo nui, Eli

  2. I loved your plugin, but recently it has been acting strangely – first showing nothing, though settings were the same, then showing related content beneath post, though settings were clearly set for tree view in widget only. So I’m only disabling it for now, till I have time to test what’s going on.

    • No, I’m sorry but right now the query just pulls the most recent post matching your Tags or Categories. I guess I could look into other optional parameters to pass to the query. I’ll put this on the wish list and see if I can work it into a future release.

      Donations always help me come up with the time to do stuff like this ;-)

      Thanks for your interest,

    • I added the option to change the sort criteria and RAND is one of the options. Please download version and let me know how it works for you. Also please vote “Works” and rate Five Stars on

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