14 thoughts on “Monetize your blog with my WordCents adSense Widget

    • How do you mean? There are lots of Adsense widgets out there in the WordPress repository. Mine is the only one with Analytics built in though, and me widget have pop-out DIVs that allow you to place it outside the site template.

      What is it you think would be against the Adsense TOS?

  1. I installed the plugin, went to adsense, got the code, paste it into the widget, hit save, loaded the page and… nothing…

    Came here looking for instructions and… nothing…

    • I hope this is a working email alias that you entered so you get my reply. I am sorry for the lack of documentation. I wrote this simple widget mostly for myself and it is distributed for free (I don’t have a lot of time to setup a full-blown support site for it or anything like that). With that said, you did the right thing by contacting me. I am willing to help you figure out why it is not working. From your description it would seem that you have done everything right (there is not that much you could do wrong, hence the lack of documentation). Now I am seeing your ad in the top right of your page. It looks like you are using the fixed position and it look fine to me. Are you still not seeing it (maybe dump you cache)?

      Let me know if I have missed something here or if you still don’t see the ads showing on your site.

  2. Thank you for your plugin. I have the same problem as Jacco above. I pasted in the code into the WordCents AdSense widget and dragged it to the right sidebar of my widgets section, but I am not seeing any adsense blocks on my blog. Perhaps I pasted in the wrong code from my AdSense account. Any advice appreciated.

  3. Can you help me out with using your little adsense widget? I have installed the widget and put the required adsense code in the box on the page where the ad’s should be placed, but Google does not recognize the page code to approve the page. They keep telling me to implement the ad code on the page. All I have is a blank gray box, Any ideas?? thanks

  4. I add your widget to my sidebar.

    Entered the code for a 160 x 600 add

    When I load the site, it displays the large box for the ad and only the leftmost 2 characters. The rest of the ad does not show up.

    I have no idea what might be wrong. Any suggestions.


    • Without seeing it on your site I can only guess that it might be something to do with your styles.

      If you can provide a URL so I can see what you are talking about then I can give you a better analysis.

  5. This works great! Just a note to users, when you configure this use “static” as the position. I suggest you add this to the widget help and to the page as fixed positioning looks absolutely messed up :)

    • Thanks, I designed the popout feature with fixed position in mind (I use it myself quite a bit). But you are right, it can look messy if your don’t get the position right, I really should add some “help” to this section.

    • Thank you so much for sighting the exact section of the AdSense TOS policy. I do believe it would be against the Google TOS to use the pop-out feature with “Fixed Position” when using this plugin to display Google Ads. I will release an update to highlight this issue for users of this plugin. I think I will also remove the Google references from this plugin too. This plugin grew out of my own need to use fixed position widgets and I still use this feature but for now I think I will disable the pop-out feature to protect me users from violating the AdSense TOS.

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