Fixed The “Illegal mix of collations” Error In My TERRIBL WordPress Plugin

Well, I finally found a server that would reproduce the “Illegal mix of collations” error that MySQL troughs when executing some queries in my TERRIBL Plugin. See, I guess alot of servers use latin1_swedish_ci as the default collation for their MySQL databases. This seems to cause an error in some queries, especially those that use foreign characters. So I have patched  my Plugin by explicitly setting all my database collations to utf8_general_ci. I also added an error handler that looks for this error in database table that may have been created by older versions of the Plugin and the new version will now fix the old tables using an “Alter Table” statement. So upgrade to version now.

My TERRIBL Plugin Just Got Terribler

I released an update a couple of days ago with some more stats and another attempt to work around the whole Search String URL problem with Google’s new SSL Search. However, in the process of changing some field aliases in the database queries I inadvertently broke the Widget. So today I released another update to fix the Widget and it all seems to be working.

I really thought this Plugin has a lot of potential to be very popular but it still has less than 700 downloads and my other Plugin, Related Posts Links and Widget already has more than 2,600 downloads. Oh well, Maybe if I find a solution the the SSL Encrypted Search String issue it will be a great Search Engine Optimization Tool.

My New SQL Reports Plugin for Your WordPress Admin

This plugin allows you to create reports simply by entering in the SQL. You can save multiple reports and they will be listed on the Admin Menu so you can quickly run them again anytime with just one click.

New Post Footer options in version of my Related Posts Plugin

Now you can include Related Post Links at the bottom of every post. Just go to the new Setting page in your WordPress Admin after upgrading to the new version of Eli’s Related Posts Plugin. I also created a Screenshot of the plugin “in action” as suggested by WordPress user  brasofilobrasofilo.

How I created my own level for Luola

My kids and I like to play this game on Ubuntu called Luola, but it only comes with 5 or 6 levels. After we had gotten board with those first few levels included I started looking around for some more level and found out that it really is that hard to create your own level from scratch. So, after a little searching and reading trough the limited documentation I created a few experimental levels. Ayrica and Quin even created some levels of their own. This is still a work in progress but here are the level I have created so far:

This level maps out the 16 colors you can use to create a Luola map
My first real level using all the colors in a Hawaii Like theme

Download my Luola levelpack here.

You just have to put these extracted files in your luola/levels directory. On my Ubuntu system the path to the levels folder is `/usr/share/games/luola/levels/`.